This site is a placeholder so that retired and ex-employees (and their family members) of the former North Central Airlines (and by extension, Republic Airlines) can have a nostalgic link to their past by having an e-mail address.

This site is not authorized by, approved by, supported by or affiliated in any way with the businesses known, either now or in the past, as: Delta Airlines; Northwest Airlines; Republic Airlines; or, North Central Airlines.

This site does not carry on a business in any sort of a transportation, agency or referral capacity.  In fact, this site is just a personal whimsey.

The registered holder of the domain name was a former Station Agent (1968-1980) and that is me over there on the left from back in the day when Class C station agents used to wear a suit. aims to satisfy the desire to keep Herman alive, at least in a virtual sense.

For those seeking information on North Central Airlines, there are a number of interesting and active links.  Some of which, are listed on the links pages.