Former employees of North Central Airlines and Republic Airlines (and their family members) can have a free e-mail account using the address.

"Free" means that there is no charge for an account but there are some basic limitations.

I keep the email account holder list offsite in a protected file and I don't share the list of email accounts with anyone.  You can access the site through a browser-based webmail portal or through standard email client softwares - your choice.  I will assign an account name (taking into account your preference) and an initial password.  You can change the password and you can provide your own identity name - but you can't change or manipulate the account name once assigned.  Your webmail account has a 2Gb storage limitation.

You can request your own choice for an account name:  examples  JSmith@   or  John.Smith@   or  DuluthBoy@   or jbigglesworth456@   almost any combination will do but I won't accept titles like President@  or ChiefPilot@  which could mislead an email recipient into thinking that we are the airline.

If you would like a email address, copy the paragraph below, complete the identifying information and send this in an email answering the skill-testing question in the subject line to Herman.Mallard at NorthCentralAirlines dot com.  A reply with information on accessing your NorthCentral account will usually arrive within 48 hours.

"I am a former employee (or a family member of a former employee) of North Central / Republic Airlines and I want a email account.  
I won't use the account for running a business.  
I won't use the account to send messages that are mean or hurtful or disrespect any race, gender or sexual orientation.  
I am not going to pay anything to use this account either now or in the future.  
I accept that sometimes e-mail servers don't, and that there is always the possibility that the odd piece of email may disappear into the void; and I won't hold responsible if either event happens to me.  
I understand that the registered holder of the domain name has the absolute discretion to suspend or cancel my email account if I don't honour these statements."

Name of choice for email handle:_________________________________________

Your First Name: ________________      Your Family Name: ___________________

The Station-Base-or Domicile where you worked (or city in which you live):

                                        (used to generate your initial password)

Skill-testing question to be answered in the e-mail subject line:

"Where is 728?"